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The letter to the Romans has been labeled the most powerful piece of theological literature ever written! Perhaps more than any other book in the Bible, Romans has shaped Christian theology, local church mission, and individual lives for over 2000 years. May God richly transform us in the light of his glory and grace displayed in this timeless treasure!

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Chapters 1-3: The Good News

What, exactly, is the book of Romans about? In the first three chapters of Romans, Paul builds the foundation that the rest of the letter relies on. Namely, the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Study 1

Romans Week 1: Leader Copy
Romans Week 1: Handout


Study 2

Romans Week 2: Leader Copy
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Study 3

Romans Week 3: Leader Copy
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Study 4

Romans Week 4: Leader Copy
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Study 5

Romans Week 5: Leader Copy
Romans Week 5: Handout


Study 6

Romans Week 6: Leader Copy
Romans Week 6: Handout