Romans Untangled

Romans Untangled is a weekly podcast that takes a seemingly complicated book of the Bible and untangles it so we can see its beauty.

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God, You’re Awesome! | Romans 11:33-36

As we close season three of Romans Untangled covering chapters 9-11 of the book of Romans, we end with a sweet doxology by the apostle Paul as he can’t help himself to...

All Israel Will Be Saved! | Romans 11:25-32

On this episode, we go deep into the most controversial verse in all of Romans chapters 9-11, 11:26 “And in this way all Israel will be saved.” What in the world does Paul...

Grafted In | Romans 11:11-24

In Romans chapters nine to eleven, the apostle Paul seems to indicate that the Jewish people are rejecting Jesus as Messiah with a few exceptions  Has God has changed his...

Sunday Rewind

Welcome to Sunday Rewind where we discuss the major doctrines of the Christian faith and then dialogue about the real-life, practical implications of those doctrines with a guest.

Hope Community Church Podcast

Why does Hope Community Church (Twin Cities) do that? Who is that person and what do they do? Who would win at bible trivia? And many other questions asked and discussed on our podcast.

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Bryan talks about politics

Bryan Talk about Politics Bryan Freeman shares about why it's important to think about politics and gives us some helpful ways to engage. *This is a podcast of Hope...

Naty talks about anxiety

Naty Talks about Anxiety Naty discusses life with anxiety and how it drove her family to move back into her parents house. If you'd like to talk with someone at Hope about...

Michael is Inefficient!

Episode Notes We meet with Michael Boland to discuss his love for efficiency and what he's learning about the importance of inefficiency. *This is a podcast of Hope...