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How Do I Have a Devotion?

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Consistently reading the Bible can be challenging for most of us, not only for those who may be new to doing regular devotions…So how do we do devotions? How do we engage with God’s word meaningfully? We thought we’d share a few practices we’ve found helpful for us in relating to God in our devotional time.

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All-Church Reading Plan

Three times a week, you’ll read a Psalm, a portion of a gospel account, and one other part of Scripture. Meditate on it, and then pray for God’s hand in your life with what was just read.

The reading plan is available in pdf form, email updates, and on our app.

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Advent Devotionals

Names of Jesus

Son, Savior, Messiah, The Vine…Jesus is called many names in Scripture and each demonstrate a different and wonderful truth about him. In this advent devotional, we reflect on the names of Jesus. 

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Born is the King Devotional Image

Born is the King

There are many classic Christmas hymns. The tunes are memorable and the lyrics are rich. In this advent devotional we walk through several of these songs in order to declare once again, “Born is the King!”


The Gospel is Better Devotional Image

The Gospel is Better

During the Christmas season, we can, many times, become distracted by all the other things happening. It can be hard to remember that the gospel is better. In this advent devotion, we take time to focus ourselves on Jesus, the Savior.


Power to Love

In an effort to increase our effort in loving God and people we have created this devotional/assessment from 2 Peter 1:3-9.

We encourage you to use this in your own devotional, small group, or morning coffee Instagram-scroll time.

This devotional / self assessment allows us to take a moment to remember the One who cleansed us from our past sin (v. 9) and empowers us to a life of goodness, knowledge, self control, perseverance,
godliness, mutual affection, and love. (v.5-6)

It also contains insights from the great Tokunboh Adeyemo.