Romans Untangled

Romans Untangled is a weekly podcast that takes a seemingly complicated book of the Bible and untangles it so we can see its beauty.

Pastor Steve Treichler of Hope Community Church in Minneapolis, MN is our host as we make this wonderful book of the apostle Paul accessible to all – those who are new to the Bible, as well as those who have been a follower of Christ for years and years.

Steve is the founding and Senior Pastor of Hope Community Church. Born in Hibbing, Minnesota he came to the Twin Cities to go to the University of Minnesota. While a student at the U of M, Jesus Christ changed his life! After being involved with campus ministry as a student and then 5 years as a staff person, Steve decided to go into pastoral ministry/church planting and was the founding pastor of Hope Community Church in 1996. He is married to Carole, and has three children, David (and wife Brittany and two grandchildren), Jonathan, and Calvin (married to Kennedy). He also is the owner(?) of a mischievous dog, Dakota, the Wonder Beagle! At Hope, he spends most of his time teaching, helping new churches get started, mentoring and coaching the three Lead Pastors of Hope’s three locations. In his free time he enjoys playing cribbage with Carole, flyfishing, duck hunting, remodeling/woodworking, brewing fantastic beer, and hanging out with friends with a quality cigar.