Maddy Rudkin – Baptism Story

Maddy Rudkin – Baptism Story

by | Jul 2, 2023 | Stories

Maddy was baptized in April 2023. If you have interest in getting baptized at Hope Community Church, you can learn more by visiting

When I was growing up, I constantly looked at the people around me for answers to my questions. I was a curious kid who liked to understand things. I wanted to know why people made the choices they did, why situations turned out one way rather than another, why people had different perspectives and motivations. I was fascinated by variety and complexity but also deeply desired truth, peace, and comfort.

As I aimed to understand the world around me, I crafted my actions, words, and opinions in a way that would be palatable for the people around me. I aimed to make things easy for those around me–all the while dulling what was actually in my heart. Performance, in my mind, mattered greatly. Appearing competent, capable, and composed were all crown jewels in my mind.

But as I entered college, I began to look beyond appearances and into substance. I was beginning to wonder if there was truth, peace, and comfort beyond my design. Was there a way for me to be “okay” outside of my accomplishments? (If you haven’t listened to the Hope Sermon Series titled “I’m OK in Jesus,” I’d highly recommend doing so!) This question became central as I walked through freshman year, and with the guidance and wisdom of friends around me, I began to learn about the one who makes us all “okay.” And when I accepted His grace and mercy, I finally had the truth, peace, and comfort I’d been seeking. 

Getting to know Jesus over the past 8 years has brought joy, fulfillment, questions, and much more. In His kindness, He draws me near to Him. He reminds me of his death and resurrection, and it is that reminder that led me to declare my faith by baptism. I was dead in my transgressions, a slave to my sin, and Jesus sought me out, and raised me from that death. I am a new creation in Him and Him alone. 

John 6:68 says, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words that give eternal life.”  This verse has been instrumental in my walk with God. It so simply reminds me that Jesus is the giver of eternal life. He is the author of our salvation. He makes us okay when we feel anything but okay. So, I chose to publicly declare my faith through baptism to ultimately illustrate what Christ has done and continues to do in my life. 

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