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Be Killing Sin Or It Will Be Killing You

April 20 2008 - July 6 2008

The Mortification of Sin is an extended exposition on Romans 8:13 written by English Puritan John Owen (1616-1683) out of care for Christians wrestling with sin. The book gives direction on how and encouragement on why the Christian should persevere in mortifying (subdue, kill) the sin in their life. The work of mortification is neither "trying harder" nor "being legalistic" rather it is the work of rooting out the grip of indwelling sin in our lives and bringing it to the cross. We were not designed for sin, but rather, in Owen's own words, "It was from eternity that [God] laid in his own bosom a design for our happiness." (Works of John Owen, 2:33). In this series, we'll use Owen's classic work as a template for killing sin in our own lives so that we might enjoy a sweeter and more happy relationship with Jesus and others.

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