A Journey of Job

A Journey of Job

by | Sep 15, 2020 | Suffering



with wife and young ones to give all my love
with health, good fortune, and plenty to share
what a lovely life, truly blessed by God above
all was good, all was right, my God was there
looking around you can see there was peace
during the day i would wander, i would pray
my yearning to be nearer to God would increase
listening closely for His voice so as not to sway

then it all changed rapidly, didn’t take long to begin
no chance to take a breath before i had to take it in
the first wave came quickly as the servant rode
oxen and donkeys taken away in one big load
before i could digest the news, the second wave began
sheep killed with fire from the sky, is this really God’s plan?
on the backs of the Chaldeans, wave three came
sweeping away my camels, enemies made a claim
and worse than ever, the fourth wave paraded
my children were dead as the winds invaded

my God, do you hear me, do you see this pain
naked i stand before you, crying, yet i praise
for you, my God, your goodness does not wain
you give good gifts and then you to take away
i will continue to worship, my voice to you i raise


little did i know more pain would come as sores covered
from head to toe, physical pain like the emotional discovered
with broken pieces of pottery, i tirelessly tried to scrape
sitting in the ashes, crying out with no visible escape

my God, do you hear me, do you see this pain?
in ashes i sit before you, crying yet i praise
for you, my God, your goodness does not wain
shall we accept your good gifts and not trouble
i will continue to worship, my voice to you i raise



as i sat amidst the engulfing pain that life became
my friends came to gather near, to sit with me
for seven days and seven nights we sat within my shame
weeping aloud, sprinkling dust on their heads, all three

my God, i have no peace, only turmoil
why did you even create me within this place?
you brought me forth from your holy soil
wouldn’t it be better if of me there was no trace?

my God, do you hear me, do you see this pain?
if you did ordain that i was to be born here
how much better if without breath i had lain?
if at birth my cries would not have bent the ear?



from thence, my friends did speak freely their words
they say i have not appealed to my God fervently
but have not my prayers been as numerous as all the birds?
have not i bent my knee and ear to God observantly?

they say it is blessing to be corrected, but my pity is great
my God, why will you not come speak to me direct?
answer my cries, answer me now, set this all straight
reconsider your silence, do not leave me to stay abject

my friends proclaim that the blameless you would never leave
for only the evildoers who forget their God will be torn
but how do i prove my innocence, from my pain there is no reprieve
how can i argue with you from whom the wind and water are born

their advice is never stopping, yet my desperation grows
what worth is there in this life when God has worn me out
my grief and isolation are like the deepest dark shadows
these friends claim comfort, yet their care is something i doubt

my God, do you hear me, do you see this pain?
in all my suffering you have stayed quiet and far away
i am tired, i am worn, there is no wisdom to gain
your friendship i once knew, yet now it is i who pay


my God, i hear you, your voice roars loudly
it was you who laid the earths foundation
it was you who set the stars above proudly
it was you, you are Lord over all of creation

my God, i am not worthy to stand before you
indeed, i am not worthy to speak my replies
now i will listen, may your wisdom cut through
your hand, your voice, help me to recognize

my God, you have heard me, you have known my pain
you alone can do all things, you alone are worthy
with dust and ashes to repent, my sins at your feet are lain
my eyes have seen you, my ears have heard you
all my days i will look to you for you alone are praiseworthy

and more than days of old, when things were good and right
my God did bless and restore with twice as much as before
i may not comprehend what is far outside of my sight
but for all my days remaining, my heart to God i will pour

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