Ryan Schnabel – Baptism Story

Ryan Schnabel – Baptism Story

by | Nov 20, 2022 | Stories

Ryan was baptized in fall 2022 at our annual kick-off. If you have interest in getting baptized at Hope Community Church, you can learn more by visiting hopecc.com/baptism.

Always had a distant relationship with God up until recently. Acknowledged He was there, but not pursuing any kind of relationship. 

I’ve been very lucky, and have had many examples of Christians in my life that I could look up to spiritually. Even if it wasn’t apparent to me at the time that’s what I was doing. Over time, life finds ways to show you that a relationship with God is not only beneficial, but is the most important thing of all. 

I see now God’s hand in testing me over my life, and surrounding me with people that will help me along the way to knowing God more. If this is the conclusion I have come to, then the only next logical step would be to get baptized. And I believe that being here right now at Hope Community Church, getting baptized with my wife is yet another gentle push from God, who I am excited to get to know more of.

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