Holy Sex Study

Holy Sex Study

Series Overview

The differences between God’s design for sex and our culture’s messages about sex can create confusion for many followers of Christ. It’s difficult to honor Christ with our sexuality while sin is constantly bombarding us from outside and within. This study will encourage participants to understand and live out God’s design for sex and embrace redemption and restoration in areas of sexual sin. This study also discusses the unique joys and challenges in marriage and singleness.

Holy Sex Sermon Series

Holy Sex: Leader Copy

Holy Sex: Handout


Why This Series?

1) Help small group attenders gain vision and perspective about God’s design for sex.
2) Break down walls and misconceptions about sexual sin.
3) Begin a discussion in groups that will allow healing and growth in areas of struggle in their own lives.
4) Encourage all members to embrace restoration and redemption in their lives.


Series Breakdown

Week 1: God’s Design & Culture’s Messages
This study will help group members gain an understanding for how our culture impacts our views about sex as well as understanding God’s design for sex. We hope group members will leave having created strategies for navigating a world where God’s design is in opposition to culture’s messages.


Week 2: Singleness & Marriage

In this study your group will discuss and appreciate the unique opportunities and joys that exist in both singleness and marriage. Group members should also grow in understanding God’s bigger picture in our lives regardless of our marital status.


Week 3: Counterfeits & Redemption

In this study group members will be challenged as they discuss the impact of counterfeit intimacy and sex (sex outside of marriage, masturbation, pornography, etc.). They will also be encouraged to rejoice in God’s story of redemption, specifically as it applies to sexual sin in our lives.