The Lord’s Prayer is Good News

November 13 2022
Series: Prayers
Topic: Prayer
Book: Matthew
Cor Chmieleski

Speaker: Cor Chmieleski

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Bible Passage: Matthew 6:5-13

“There is a unique kind of pain in being unseen.” When Jesus gave his most famous sermon (Sermon on the Mount), he gave one of his most famous teachings on prayer. And as special as his words are, repeating them is not his end goal for us. Instead, his words make clear that he sees us and, even more, that he loves us. That’s good news!

Questions to Consider

  1. In what ways have you felt unseen by others? How did you respond to that pain?
  2. The next time you’re feeling unseen, how might it change your heart to repeat­–not just the words of the Lord’s prayer but–the good news that it has for us?