How Should We, As the Church, Address Current Cultural Realities About Sexuality?

July 7 2019
Topic: LGBTQ+ , Marriage , Sex
Cor Chmieleski

Speaker: Cor Chmieleski

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Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 15:1-5

When addressing current cultural realities about sexuality, we need to first remember these things:

  1. Of first importance: the gospel
  2. The gospel includes both truth and grace
  3. The gospel is first introspective
  4. Jesus died for sins, even sexual ones
  5. Don’t be surprised when Culture and God’s Word disagree
  6. Matter and manner, matter, especially here
  7. Those who sense themselves to be lost will (eventually) look for a trusted guide

Gospel Application – Have you heard what God thinks about you? And about others?