Big and Ugly, Small and Petty

May 19 2024

Series: Romans

Topic: Pride

Book: Romans

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Scripture: Romans 15:1-13

Have you ever disagreed with another Christian? Have you ever disagreed with a church you’ve been a part of? If so, today’s passage is for you. It deals with that gray area of opinion, items that are neither commanded nor prohibited in Scripture. In other words, there is freedom to choose. This becomes fertile ground for disagreement amongst Christians. And yet God gives us an exceedingly high calling—to love even at expense of our own freedom.


  • As a church, is it our aim to put no stumbling block in the path of faith except Christ?
  • In the name of Christ, might we show a better way than quarreling (i.e. belligerence) over disputable matters?
  • Is Christ your treasure because he forgives not only the big and ugly, but also the small and petty?