Thank you for your interest in contributing! We look forward to working with you!

Before you submit your resource, please read through this document in order to give you some direction. 

What types of resources are we looking for?

Original Content — We want your  work. Any resources submitted must be originally authored by you.

Written for our audience — Our primary audience is Hope Community Church.

What are some guidelines for creating my resource?

Make it long enough, and no more – Length is flexible, but it is encouraged to make your resource “long enough and no more”. Here are some rough guidelines:

If your written resource is fewer than ~500 words, consider expanding upon your ideas (but if that’s “enough” & quality, then we’ll take it).

If your resource is more than 2,000 words, consider making your ideas a bit more succinct and potentially consider splitting those ideas into multiple resources!

Be personal — Because we only publish original content, you have the opportunity to share a bit of yourself within the resource.

Avoid self-promotion — Although we encourage you to express yourself within the resource you submit, we do ask that you do not self-promote (e.g. advertising a business)

Have a clear, BIG idea — What’s the one thing you want someone to walk away with after engaging with your resource? Do you want them to feel challenged? Encouraged? What makes your resource unique? Is there a clever way to remember and apply your resources?

Avoid Suggestive or Explicit Content — This includes but may not be limited to profanity, drug use, nudity, rude or offensive content, derogatory or hurtful language, and depictions of death or violence.

If you want to create a resource about an experience or topic that is intended to be helpful & informative, but may be contain suggestive, explicit, or potentially triggering material (e.g. pornography addictions, sexually-related issues, murder, rape, etc.) we encourage you to work with one of our editors so that we can work with you on getting your resource out

Credit third-parties — Any utilization of a third-party’s materials (e.g quotes) should be appropriately credited—preferably with an in-text introduction (e.g. “John Smith writes in his book John Smith: A First-Person Account …….”).

Where do I submit my resources?

You can submit your resource either by filling out this form or by reaching out to your staff contact.


What happens after I submit my resource?

Your submission will be reviewed by an editor. We’ll reach out to you to get your resource ready for publication.