The Gospel Turn in Small Groups

The Gospel Turn in Small Groups

by | Sep 6, 2023 | Church

We can find ourselves hearing things and believing those things which can change our behaviors or habits. These are what we often talk about in our small groups.
“I wish I could stop doing this” 
“I want to be more like this” 
“I think God is asking me to take this step but I feel stuck” 
“I’m still struggling with this” 
“I’m not sure why I need Jesus” 
The Gospel Turn is a tool to help us identify where we are, who told us that was true, and what action came from it. It’s the same questions God asks Adam and Eve in the Genesis 3 in response to their turning from God. It’s the same sin we are dealing with today. The TURN comes when we stop trying to fix ourselves and turn to Jesus. As we fix our eyes on Jesus, the perfector of faith, we find ourselves hearing, believing, and acting differently. Jesus changes our hearts and minds, which changes how we move through life.
This tool allows us to help each other turn to Jesus and remember what he did, said, and where he is right now. It can be helpful in a 1 on 1, small group, or personal devotional setting.


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